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    Donna Aspinshaw
PG Cert., PG Dip., MSc., EMDR
UKCP Accredited 

About me

Mulberry Room Counselling & Psychotherapy

​ Working with individuals aged 18 and over experiencing:​
  • Anxiety and panic

  • Depression & low mood

  • Loss & grief

  • The impact of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment

  • Violence, sexual violence and emotional abuse

  • Trauma, vicarious trauma and post traumatic stress

  • Bullying & harassment

  • Anger

  • Somatic illness

  • Exhaustion

  • Emotional break down

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Work-related difficulties

  • Low self confidence & self esteem

  • Feelings of detachment, depersonalisation and dissociation

 The list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact me to discuss    other concerns.

Tel: 07716 923015




Training and qualifications

I have a Master's degree in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy and I am a trained EMDR therapist. I am an accredited  member of the UKCP and I adhere to their ethical principles and codes of professional practiceI have public indemnity and personal liability insurance and I am registered as a data controller with the Information  Commissioner's Office. I have current DBS clearance. 


 I was employed in the public sector for thirty years in both

 London and Leicestershire, where I worked extensively with  survivors of trauma, child physical, sexual and emotional abuse  and neglect, adult sexual violence, domestic violence, forced

 marriage and modern slavery. My time in the public sector has  equipped me with significant life experience, an acute

 awareness of the challenges that people face in their daily

 lives and the often devastating impact of this on their emotional

 and physical health, work and relationships. 

 Private Practice

 I have worked with clients in a private capacity since 2018.

 I have extensive experience of working with emergency service  personnel and a comprehensive knowledge and understanding  of the Police Service in particular.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
What is counselling & psychotherapy
Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies, that can help alleviate psychological suffering and distress. Whilst counselling tends to focus on identified problems and issues and usually takes place over the short to medium term, psychotherapy addresses difficulties that can
be more opaque, deeply rooted, complex and enduring, perhaps requiring therapy in the medium to longer term. Counselling and psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential environment in which to explore your personal difficulties with a trained professional.
How can counselling & psychotherapy help
By sensitively encouraging you to share your experience, listening carefully to what you say and attending to what is perhaps left unsaid, I will endeavour to understand what you are experiencing from your perspective. Through respectful, empathic and non-judgmental communication, I will help you to trace the origin of your difficulties and bring unconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour into
your awareness. In this way, you will gain greater self understanding and self compassion and be challenged and supported to achieve the therapy goals that you set.
When should I seek support
The signs and symptoms of psychological distress and the extent to which we feel them is enormously varied. Some of the more common difficulties that people experience include low mood, tearfulness, lethargy, relationship difficulties, problems at work, overwhelm, anxiety,
panic, intrusive thoughts, exhaustion, anger, lack of confidence and self esteem, self harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings of fragmentation, isolation, loneliness and a sense of disconnection from others. If you are experiencing any difficulties that are adversely affecting your work, relationships, or quality of life then I would encourage you to make contact with me. 


Tel: 07716 923015




About Me

Finding a counsellor or psychotherapist

 Research has repeatedly shown that one of the most significant factors in bringing about positive therapeutic change is the quality of relationship  between a client and their therapist.

 Reflecting on my own search for a psychotherapist as a student*, the following qualities were important to me:

  • Openness, honesty, consistency and reliability.

  • Personal integrity, confidentiality and the willingness to offer supportive challenge.

  • The maturity and life experience to contain and hold client difficulties.

  • The ability to observe, listen, notice and understand.

  • Being non-judgmental, warm and empathic.

  • Professional qualifications and experience.

  • Having worked through their own difficulties in personal therapy.

 *Some, but not all counselling training providers require their students to themselves attend counselling.

 This commitment to personal therapy can vary from a few hours, through to 40 hours each year, which was a requirement of my

 training establishment The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham.

I understand how challenging it can be to choose a therapist and would encourage you to contact me for a free 10 - 15 minute telephone call to see what it might be like for us to work together. After this, if you are happy to proceed, we can arrange an assessment session. Please click on the 'Fees' tab for information about session costs.


Tel: 07716 923015




Finding a counsellor

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me by telephone, text or email for

further information, or to book an appointment. Alternatively

submit a message on the web form below.  I will respond to

messages Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm.

If you, or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts that

require an urgent response and your GP is unavailable, please

contact 111, the emergency services on 999, or speak to the

Samaritans on 116 123.


Donna Aspinshaw trading as

Mulberry Room Counselling & Psychotherapy

Kegworth, Derby, DE74.

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